400 The Card Game


You Can now Challenge your real friends by playing 400 online with live tables.
400 The Card Game is enjoyed all over the world with similarities to Spades, Tarneeb & Hearts.
The popular Arabic Card Game 400 “Arba3meyeh” finally on your iPhone!

400 The Card Game is a trick-taking card game, played in partnership, with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The object of the game is to be the first team to 41 points. The game is played by 4 people. They are divided into to two teams of 2 players. Team members sit on opposite sides of the table. Example Team 1 will have its players on the North and South side of the table and team 2 will be on the West and East side of the table. Download the App now and challenge your real friends by playing 400 online with live tables, chat with your teammate. Check the interactive scoreboard, and lots of features in app.

400 The Card Game on your device is a must! You will challenge real players all over the world. Never play against robots anymore.