All in Bodybuilding:Exercises, Poses, Muscle Meals, Health & Pushup Tracker


All-in Bodybuilding is the best app that includes most of the features to help you build muscles and be in perfect shape.
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Bodybuilding & Fitness encompasses the totality of bodily wellness!

This app is an all-in-one Bodybuilding solution to complement the training of building your muscles at any level!
It’s a complete system of innovative workout tools.
Posing guides, muscle meals, push-up tracker, health kit with steps, active calories, distance and heartbeat. Front & Back muscle exercises included. All Features designed to help you become your best self. This App is the bridge between dream and do. It’s your ongoing transformation station.


• In-App widget to track your steps, plus you can launch the app from the widget.

• Posing Guides: A feature that guides you to check all the bodybuilding poses. In addition you can add your own pose from the gallery and rate it to check the transformation while training. Create and save your custom pose.

• Muscle Meals: When it comes to leading a healthy and active lifestyle nothing is more important than eating clean fresh food from a variety of different sources. Meal pictures are added randomly to this feature.

• Healthkit Tracker: This feature gives you only the information you need concerning your burned calories and effort during a single day window. The app provides a trend graph that shows spikes of activity over the course of the twenty four hour period, and also shows averaged data for your heart rate entries. It also includes the steps made per day in addition to the distance. If you are looking for a lean modern look, then this is the best Health app for you! It also includes GameCenter support.

• Push-up Tracker: Tracks a user’s push-ups via touching your nose on the screen. This feature tracks the push-ups, and verbally + visually tracks your progress in real-time. Upon hitting the stop button, the results are recorded and saved to a world wide data base which you can monitor all the push-up done.

• Front and Back muscle ready-made workouts designed for you in order to build maximum muscles.

If you’re serious about your Bodybuilding goals, then join millions and go for the all-in-one solution: Bodybuilding Exercises, Poses, Muscle Meals, Health & Pushup Tracker!
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