Fingerprint For Notes


Do you have trouble remembering all your passwords and private information? Do you have trouble securing your private notes? Do you use the same password for every site? Do you want to protect your private files? If so, you need to download Fingerprint For Notes.

Fingerprint For Notes is available with a secured fingerprint and passcode,it keeps your most valuable, passwords, pin codes, logins, credit card numbers, bank accounts and secret notes away from strangers and hackers eyes.

With Fingerprint For Notes you are only able to access your own information and secured data.
The App is a universal App it works on all devices with fingerprint Touch ID capability. (Older devices will still work but with a passcode instead of a fingerprint.)


• Create unlimited number of notes
• Two locks included (Touch ID and Passcode)
• Make and organize lists
• Support for Emoji Emoticons
• Full Retina display
• Switch to turn Passcode on or off
• Lecture notes, business notes and secret notes
• Secured personal diary on your iPhone/iPad
• Safely store and manage unlimited secret collections
• No Ads
• No other fees
• Highest security guaranteed
• Works offline
• Share Button


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