With iSpy App you can fool your friends with a different caller ID. They will receive a message stating that there phone is being hacked and you are spying on there private folders. iSpy-App is used for entertainment purpose only, and does not provide true spying functionality.
The app allows you to prank any person in the world with a different caller ID. No extra charges will be provided from your service provider on your real number. An international Caller ID will send your victim’s number a spy message and your friends will be afraid and panicked.
iSpy-App is developed to threaten your friends at a high level.

To use this cool prank gadget, you need to have working internet connection. The app won’t use your real caller ID and it won’t use any of your real phone credits.

How to use:

Using the app is so easy with its friendly user interface.
Just spin the picker to choose the country of your victim, and the country code will appear directly, and then you should enter your full name and your victim’s number, press on the country flag to dismiss the keyboard and press start spying.
The app generates a caller ID and sends your victim a message saying that becarful someone is spying on your phone, and on the users end it shows some prank progress and loading features with a pop up box showing that the message was sent.

Disclaimer: This is a very serious prank tool. Use it on your own risk!
This App is for entertainment use only.

Don’t ever stop your pranks and fools, download the app and start your prank hacking. Every credit is equal to one message.

Have fun spying, fooling, and Hacking!

App Features:
-Prank Message from a different caller ID
-Built in Spy message
-All Countries are available
-217 country flags
-Amazing design
-Programmed Country picker
-Programmed Country flag with country code.



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