Location Finder Prank


Fool & prank your friends with Location Finder.
An easy going prank tool, just input your friends number and press the find button on the main screen. The app will automatically opens your location with an advanced user interface showing the location on a real map view. Plus the nearest address, latitude, longitude, course, speed, and altitude.

Your friend will be next to you. Show them the app enter there number and they will get shocked while seeing there location on the map and all the info.
It also gives you the speed on the spot.

Don’t ever stop your pranks and fools, download the app and start your prank hacking.
Have fun Spying, Fooling, and Hacking!
Disclaimer: This is a very serious prank tool.
This app includes IAP to function. You can choose any three options to buy credits so you can prank or fool your friends. Add one, five, or fifteen credits starting from $ 0.99
Enjoy fooling.
This App is for entertainment use only.