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The BEST APP for Securing your WhatsApp in the AppStore:
No1 App on the Top Chart

Watch how to use the APP on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXDuMBnTe8U
In this version you can send a request to support you, by pressing the help button on the main screen.

**********How to use this app?**********
* Hide WhatsApp from your iPhone as per the tutorial video within the app.
* Open this app and set your passcode.
* Next time you open this app it will ask for your TouchID if configured on your device or the passcode already set, press the app icon within the app and WhatsApp will open which you can use normally.
* You can access WhatsApp fully with this app without anyone knowing it.


Security For WhatsApp is new and one of a kind app on the Appstore that asks for Touch ID authentication to access WhatsApp messenger. You can also assign a passcode to protect WhatsApp Messenger conversations, data, images, and videos.

Security For WhatsApp is the way to resolve all the problems above and it keeps all your messages safe and secured.

Protect your WhatsApp messages with your own fingerprint or password.

More Security & Privacy:
Make sure that ONLY YOU can access WhatsApp messages, pictures, and audio on your iPhone/iPad.
Nobody will be able to access the vault without knowing your secret password or have your own fingerprint.
With Security For WhatsApp nobody except you will be able to read your messages or view your private conversations, photos and videos.
Anyone who uses your phone should NOT be allowed to read your private chats or conversations.

You will see that protecting your WhatsApp messages and conversations has never been simpler.


First hide WhatsApp, and then enter Security For WhatsApp turn the passcode switch on. Enter a passcode you choose and confirm it. Touch ID that belongs to your phone will automatically be set for the App also.
Now press Security For WhatsApp icon. That’s it your chats are secured. Try it again. Press the home button, then go into the app it asks you for your fingerprint, you can simply access with your Touch ID or passcode which is already set before.
Press the icon and you’re in again with all your conversations secured.
Check the security also when you double press the home button. The app automatically switches to the passcode screen where you should enter your password or touch ID.


This APP has nothing to do with WhatsApp company. Security For WhatsApp will just protect your WhatsApp. It won’t change any of your WhatsApp’s information.
The App is a universal app it works on all devices with fingerprint Touch ID capability. (Older devices will still work but with a password instead of a fingerprint)

The password can be entered by two ways:
– Touch ID
– Numeric Password


1) How to change Passcode?

Click “Change Passcode” in the main page. The number pad appears and you enter your old passcode. Then enter the new passcode and confirm it.

2) How can I open WhatsApp after hiding it?

Open Security For WhatsApp turn the passcode switch on (only the first time you open the app) enter a passcode you choose and confirm it.

3) What to do after entering my touch ID or passcode?

Just press Security For WhatsApp icon.

All your WhatsApp messages are 100% Secured & Private now.

This application is the sole creation and responsibility of the developer. This application is not endorsed by or affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Messenger, its name, trademark, and other aspects of the app are trademarked and owned by their respective owners.



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