Snore Pill


Want to stop snoring? Snore Pill is the most advanced snore tracking app yet. It listens and quantifies your snoring, giving you tailored advice about how to improve based on published sleep medicine studies. When a good night’s sleep is so important to health, mood and daily function for both you and your partner, why do nothing when there’s Snore Pill!
• You monitor your own snoring feedback during the night, whether it be a voice saying ‘rollover’ when snoring is detected(rolling onto your side helps 56% of snorers!), a gorgeous classical music, or the sounds of cats fighting.
• Sleepy Time: Figure out when to go to sleep, to wake up feeling energized and refreshed. There are four sleep calculation scenarios to choose from.
• Plot both your snoring history, and the sound level at night so you can try different remedies and determine what works for you.
• Continuously analyzing the sleep cycle within a button to help you choose your best time to sleep.
• Gives you great smooth music while you snore in order to stop snoring.

The most advanced and innovative app of its kind, Snore Pill, tracks your snoring and helps you to discover effective ways to reduce it. Within the app there is a sleep time button to calculate your sleep cycles.

Snore Pill is very easy to use: simply press calibrate while you are in bed for the first time & place your phone where it will remain while you sleep. Press the continue button and at the first tone, please remain silent to calibrate base note level. At the second tone say GOOD NIGHT SNORE PILL! to calibrate your noise level. After final tone the calibration is successfully completed.
Then go to the main menu and when you are ready to sleep press the sleep button. While you are asleep the app is monitoring your snores and counting them accordingly. When you wake up open the App and press the wake up button. The counter will state the number of snores you snored during the night.
Check out the Sleepy Time button and pick the time you want to wake up. The App will automatically calculate the best time to fall asleep according to the sleep cycles.

SNORE PILL is a pill App so you can stop snoring, DOWNLOAD it now and benefit from its features including the accurate sleep time to wake up energized and powerful.